CNC Spoilboard

Material list

Item Count ~ Cost [€]
MDF, strength 19mm, 840x730 2 30
MDF, strength 5mm, 840x730 1 5
Drive-in nut 17 9
M6 Machine screw, 20mm + M6 hammer nut + washer 20 12
M6 Machine screw, 35mm + washer 17 5
Wood glue - 0,10


  • Screw driver / wrench / nut runner
  • Your CNC

The Build

  • Download the drawings here
  • Adjust dimensions if needed 1
  • Import it to your CAM tool. Provision for different material strength if you have.
  • Prepare sunk holes for your fasteners that attach to the machine frame to have some surface-planing reserve.
  • As both fence and spoilboard are larger than the CNC’s reachable area, you will have to use multiple jobs to complete the tasks. Choose your XY-zero points with care!
  • Also note that the slots will have to be cut “from the bottom” in case you don’t have a slot cutter.
  • Have your CNC do the work.
  • Glue together upper and lower MDF sheets so hammer nuts cannot fall through the slots

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  1. Note: the center stiffening bar does not have a defined position, so yours might be located somewhere else between its longer counterparts