Markdown to PDF

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The tool

Get a tool that can do the job. I selected the Visual Studio Code extension Yzane’s Markdown PDF. Easy to install, easy to use, good documentation. Only the images… well… wouldn’t show.

Getting the images converted, too

The relative links to the images are different between Jekyll’s interpretation and the notion from the PDF generator. I had to move the target markdown file into the root folder and add a . before my /assets to make it work. Pagination is …meh… but I’m not willing to put more work in this right now so that’s as good as it gets.

An issue with Posts not showing up?

Just upon publishing this sixth post of mine, I see that somehow only page 2 of the post overview is shown (looks like 5 posts per page) and I cannot switch to page 1 containing “latest” posts: terminal output. Hm.