CNC job setup

less than 1 minute read

Demo video about CNC job preparation & execution

The following sections summarize preparation steps from the video.

Job prepare checklist

  • Securely mount your workpiece on the CNC
  • Transfer the job data to your CNC’s computer
  • Make sure Emergency Stop is engaged
  • Power up the CNC
  • Connect your computer to the machine and start the CNC software
  • Disengage the Emergency Stop
  • Prepare and check required tools for damages

CNC initialize checklist

  1. Acknowledge the Emergency Stop release
  2. Activate stepper drivers
  3. Reference the machine
  4. Change to the first tool you’ll be using
  5. Set X, Y zero
  6. Measure Z height / set Z zero
  7. Put CNC back to home position
  8. Perform spindle warmup run
  9. Check Auxiliary devices (e.g. cooling, dust collection)

During the job

  • Supervise the machine
  • If needed, perform tool changes
  • If required, pause the job when something doesn’t seem right
  • Have the emergency stop in reach for worst case scenarios

Job completed

  • Set the machine back to home position
  • Engage emergency stop and disconnect the computer
  • Disable power supply to the machine
  • Take your workpiece from the machine bed
  • Cleanup