Shelly13 - Part2

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Shelly13: Project status, prototype scetches

I’m still thinking a lot about Shelly13 and how it can possibly work out to have a bigger speaker, a homogenous sound with some punch, and a sealed cabinet design that can be folded.

Cabinet: Sizing and Volume

Cabinet, inside view scetch Latest designs in my head work with 12x10 and a 14x10 inch shells. It will look a bit like a cake when unfolded, with a total cabinet volume of around 38l incl. speakers and amplifier mounted inside. It will be about 75cm of total height with its feet unfolded and about 29cm high when completely folded.


While my first design shows a 10” speaker mounted at the front of the cabinet, I’ll most likely switch to a two-way design for simplified mounting, mitigating the issues about milling a huge curved surface and creating an adapter plate. So I’ll chose an 8” Bass speaker in a downfire setup and a 3” mid-high speaker at the front.


I’m thinking about using a car amplifier that takes its signal from an active crossover with separated outputs for low and high frequencies, creating a bi-amp design with bridged terminals.

Folding mechanism

Folding will take place with the help of drawer rails mounted in between the shells. It is crucial that the cabinet is sealed air-tight when unfolded, so there has to be a ring gasket that engages when the lower wooden ring at the bottom of the 12” shell meets the top ring of the 14” shell. Cabinet ring system scetch

Nah, this is too complex!

Ok, let’s strip it down. Leave the foldability away for the initial prototype. Reduce cabinet size instead. Concentrate on electronics and manufacurability first. Outcome of this scope change is: AnywhereAmps Alpha!