Jekyll -incremental option

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Recent Posts again

I figured out the reason why my last “open item” post didn’t show up on the landing page on my local machine but worked fine on remote. It is because, locally, I’m using the command $ bundle exec jekyll serve --incremental with the --incremental build option active to speed up rebuilds for quicker test runs. But the issue is here: terminal output On an incremental output, jekyll doesn’t seem to scan the _posts folder for new entries, as the page they appear on has not been modified directly. My takeaway is that I’ll be using the --incremental option with care and for small/quick changes only in future.

The images

I worked on my assets/images, they tend to be somewhat “big” so that page load times might be a reason to worry about. I’m using to shrink them to a size I think I can afford and save them as .jpg with compression max’ed out and some compromises on image quality. This way, most of my pictures take less than 10% or the original size in kB.